Morgan’s New Injuries

The Free Morgan Foundation received these photos of Morgan’s new injuries. They were sent anonymously with permission to post. They were taken on the 22 December 2012.


8 thoughts on “Morgan’s New Injuries”

  1. How many more whales dying, is it going to take before these IGNORANT, GREEDY, ‘humans’, stop enslaving these beautiful, majestic creatures? STILL, from being brutally, stolen from the world and forced, through starvation and brutality and segregation from their own pods, to live a life in solitude, or with other pod members, who they don’t know, and forced to live in concrete ‘baths’, with no cover to guard them from the sun, or any depth of tank to dive, or size I’d tank to swim more than 1 flick if the tail, etc. etc. how can you work with these animals in such unnatural, traumatising conditions? You cannot tell me that these are all animal lovers. It is ALL to do with GREED, and ‘bugger the poor animals’! Stop PLEASE!

  2. I do hope there are people doing all they can behind the scenes to get this orca back the ocean where she belongs.

    1. I’m picking you have a point?
      You use words but not in an intelligible coherent manner.
      Could Morgan die in the wild?
      Would Morgan die in the wild?
      Should Morgan die in the wild?

      I’d have thought the obvious answer is yes. She’s a wild animal, she belongs in the wild, she needs to live in the wild and ultimately she will die in the wild. That’s NATURE.

      If these people gave one shit about Morgan or wildlife, they would’ve helped her the best they could and then released her. But they have not. They’ve kept her and decided to make money off her. To contain her in unnatural conditions. To mentally abuse her and physically restrain her.

      If, for me to think and feel that way, makes me a HOPE SUN OF BITCHES (which I do hope you’ll explain to me) then so be it.

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