The Free Morgan Foundation beleives in transparency of our finances.  Please also see our ‘Reimursement & Renumeration Policy’ on our Goverance & Structure page.

Financial Reports

2019-2020 Financial Statement
2020-2021 Financial Statement
2021-2022 Financial Statement

General Expenditures
Retention of legal counsel in the Netherlands to pursue administrative and Court cases against the Dutch Government concerning the orca Morgan’s transfer to Loro Parque in Spain.
Certified translation services Dutch/English of official Dutch Government and Court documents and proceedings so the public can stay informed.
Incidental travel expenses associated with board members attending court hearings in the Netherlands and Committee hearings at the EU Parliament.
Incidental travel expenses associated with board members attending various conferences, workshops and other events addressing orca Morgan’s welfare issues and the issues surrounding the keeping of cetaceans in captivity in the EU.
Printing of banners, printed fliers, stickers and other paraphernalia to increase awareness of FMF and Morgan’s situation.
Entry fee’s for International Film Festivals for the short-film ‘I am Morgan: Stolen Freedom’.
Miscellaneous operating expenses such as purchase of printer/scanner to facilitate filing and distribution of documents electronically.
Annual membership fee for the foundation’s involvement in Dolphinaria-Free Europe (DFE).
Accumulation of sufficient funds to consult with legal counsel in Spain about possible legal action to protect orca Morgan’s welfare and ensure compliance with EU law and regulations and maintain ability to finance legal fees and court costs when action is initiated in Spain. It should be noted that the Dutch Courts and Dutch Government have both directed the foundation to bring a legal action in Spain as the appropriate venue for addressing orca Morgan’s welfare issues.

Reimbursement for Webcams:
Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic (2020 – 2021), FMF board members have remained actively engaged in collaborative on-line video conferencing meetings and symposiums to advance the objectives of the FMF. To facilitate and maintain a professional presence on platforms including Zoom, Skype, Teams and Webex, the FMF board voted to authorize the purchase of a HD webcam for those board members who required one.

Reimbursement for Professional License:
FMF board member Spiegl serves as both secretary of the board and legal counsel for the FMF. Board member Spiegl devotes all his legal work on behalf of Morgan and the FMF on a Pro Bono basis. In exchange for thousands of hours of exclusive legal services, the FMF board has authorized payment of legal counsel Spiegl’s annual bar dues (license to practice law).

Reimbursement for Professional Memberships/Conferences/Seminars:
Individual board members may, from time to time, request reimbursement for membership fees for professional organizations and/or attendance at seminars and conferences associated with furthering the objectives of the FMF. All such requests are subject to approval by a majority vote of the FMF board.