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How You Can Help Morgan

Many people who saw the 1993 Hollywood movie “Free Willy”, which portrayed an orca held in abysmal conditions in a theme park but who was rescued and released back to his family in the wild, were inspired to help whales and dolphins.  Here on Morgan’s website we describe how you can help her, provide links to reputable sources of information so you can become educated and point you in the direction to help change the world for cetaceans.

Donate for Morgan

The Free Morgan Foundation is a non-profit charity which relies on funding from generous supporters in order to pay for Morgan’s lawyer, court fees, as well as other costs. Any money donated will go directly into Morgan’s cause – we thank you in advance for any support you can offer her.


Wear A T-Shirt to spread the word about Morgan

WomensSilverFMF.-ecojoiajpgA t-shirt is a mobile bill-board spreading the word about causes for which you care about.  Ecojoia, a family owned business which supports a range of NGO’s – including the FMF and Morgan’s cause through the production of FMF organic t-shirts.

25% of the purchase goes towards the FMF and our work to help Morgan.

 help-morgan-flyer-02Raise Funds for Morgan

Have a Cake Sale – bake orca themed cakes or cookies! Get Sponsored for a run, walk, or swim. Speak to people about Morgan – you could even dress up as an orca!

help-morgan-letters-01Write Letters for Morgan

Send a letter explaining why you think that Morgan would better suit a life in the wild. You can send all of your questions and show your support for Morgan’s rehabilitation and release plan to a number of influential people. Please keep letters polite and respectful.

If you want to let the Dutch Government know what you think about its actions toward Morgan, you should contact  Martijn van Dam (the State Secretary for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.)

Postal Address: Ministerie van Economische Zaken
Staatssecretaris Martijn van Dam
Postbus 20401
2500 EK Den Haag
The Netherlands

e-mail address:
(please ask for confirmation and a reply to your letter)
We would be interested in any reply/answer they give you. Please forward your letter , along with their response to

We have a specific page on this website about contacting Loro Parque & SeaWorld etc.

But here are few details also;

Loro Parque has a head of research, Dr Javier Almunia
You can write and ask him why Morgan is being kept with an adult male who is trying to mate with her.  Also, you can ask why Morgan is not placed in a seapen, when this was recommended by the experts.  You can also remind him that, despite what Loro Parque tells people, Morgan never stranded (she was captured) and her extended family had been found.

e-mail address:
(please ask for confirmation and a reply to your letter)
We would be interested in any reply/answer Dr Almunia or Loro Parque give you. Please forward your letter, along with their response to

Additionally, Loro Parque is privately owned, so you could write to the owner, Mr Wolfgang Kiessling.  He can be reached via this generic email and by phone (+34) 922 373 841.

or by post to; Mr Wolfgang Kiessling, President & Owner, Loro Parque, Av. Loro Parque, s/n, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Letters of Concern to Travel Agencies:

Please write and express how concerned you are, to travel agencies which are selling tickets to facilities keeping cetaceans in captivity.  We are all aware now of the science that shows that no cetacean should be kept in captivity.  However, in order for the businesses to understand this aspect, it is vital that Travel Agents are made aware of the public’s desire to see this type of exploitation stop.

Below are just a few of the, unfortunately many, Travel Agents who sell tickets to places like Loro Parque.  There are, sadly, too many for us to list here, but we encourage you to do a little research online and identify others and write to them too.  Remember, please keep your letters respectful, but be honest about your concerns.

You could point the Travel Agents to our ‘Five Freedoms & Five Domains’ Welfare page to outline just some of the issues.  Additionally, you may wish to offer them alternative places they could sell tickets – such as wild whale and dolphin watching companies in your area or at your favourite holiday location.  The only way Travel Agents will stop selling tickets to these places is if the public shows they care and also asks them to stop supporting these places.

TUI (Travel Agency) a featured sponsor of Loro Parque Furthermore, some Travel Agencies (such as TUI, second down on the left) are featured sponsors of Loro Parque, as shown in this sign outside the main entrance to the facility.

Obviously, if you use TUI for your personal travel, you may want to consider swapping Travel Agencies to one that conducts responsible travel.  You can also, as a valued customer, raise your concerns directly with your local branch as well as with the Director of TUI (details given below).

We would be interested in any reply/answer that Travel Agencies give you.  Please forward your letter, along with their response to

David Burling, Managing Director, Thomson
Tui Travel House, Crawley Business Quarter, Fleming Way Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom, RH10 9QL

Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook
Westpoint Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, United Kingdom, PE2 6FZ

Mark Anderson, Managing Director, Virgin Holidays
Manor Royal, Crawley, United Kingdom, RH10 9NU,

Friedrich Joussen, Chief Executive, TUI Travel
Tui Travel House, Crawley Business Quarter, Fleming Way, Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom, RH10 9QL

Futouris – Die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative” (Futouris – The sustainability initiative)
Postal Address:
Futouris e.V.
Schicklerstraße 5
10179 Berlin, Germany

The online travel guide “Spain-Tenerife” not only promote the Loro Parque Orca Ocean shows but also have a section on the Dolphinarium.
They can be reached via the ‘contact us’ section of their website.

Also, you may wish to reach out to Trip Advisor and ask them why they continue to allow companies that keep cetaceans in captivity, to be visible on their website.  At the very least, people who rate these places should first be sent a link (or pop-up window) to information about the issues of cetacean captivity.  They should be given pertinent facts such as the ‘Five Freedoms’ & ‘Five Domains’ to understand what they should be looking for in terms of animal welfare, before they rate a facility.  If you think that a company as big as TripAdvisor won’t listen, then think again.  Check out this response from them.

trip-advisorThey can be reached via their website (which defaults to a different country, depending on where you are located when you log in – so just search for ‘TripAdvisor’).  Once on your local site, use the Contact Us > User Reviews pathway.

TripAdvisor Inc., 400 1st Avenue, Needham, MA 02494, USA,

General company phone number (USA): +1 781-800-5000
UK helpline on 0800 098 8460 or +44(0)203 318 5019

Support Responsible Travel

The Free Morgan Foundation strongly believes that customers voting with their wallets creates an environment where places like SeaWorld and Loro Parque will be phased out.  In order to support that, please do not buy a ticket to any place that keeps a cetacean in captivity.  We also encourage you to spend your money wisely.

Be sure that you only watch whales and dolphins who are truly in the wild (and not those who are ‘released for a day’ or are in pens in the ocean, unless it is a TRUE sanctuary).  Also, if you are going wild whale or dolphin watching, please ensure that the company you go with conducts their tours responsibly and with respect for the animals.  The World Cetacean Alliance promotes responsible wild whale and dolphin watching and it’s members agree to protocols and guidelines.

Also, use companies that shun animal cruelty including cetacean captivity, such as Responsible Travel.  This company recently ran a strong campaign called ‘No to Orca Circuses‘ which the Free Morgan Foundation supported and endorsed.  The company continues to campaign against cetaceans in captivity with their ‘Wildlife. Not Entertainers.’ campaign.   Responsible Travel, as a company, are also working closely with the World Animal Protection organisation, which provides sound advice regarding cruel animal attractions and what to look for.

help-morgan-aawarenessRaise Awareness for Morgan

Not everyone knows who Morgan is or why she should be free. Tell people about Morgan and her cause either face-to-face or via social networking.  There are great websites where you can also sign, create and share petitions in order to spread the word. The possibilities are endless!

The Free Morgan Flier has helpful information printed for distribution or sent as a pdf.

Other links that may be of interest:

 help-morgan-keikoPurchase the DVD & Soundtrack of
“Keiko the Untold Story” and Help Morgan

Order a copy of the movie to learn about and share the true story of the real (Free) Willy’s life before and after captivity.

For every Keiko The Untold Story DVD sold from this site, the Free Morgan Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds in order to give financial assist help with Morgan’s plight at the same time educating the public about the truth regarding Keiko’s release.

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help-morgan-orcaTake a Pledge to Make a Difference for Morgan

A pledge is a solemn promise or undertaking (to do or not do) something important. Click on the pledge photos to download and print and show people what you will pledge.


help-morgan-pledge-01 help-morgan-pledge-02

Build a Sand Morgan to Raise Awareness

help-morgan-sandGo to local beach, build a sand-Morgan to raise awareness. Post your photos on our Facebook page!

This photo is of a sand-Morgan, in Tenerife, the town where Loro Parque is. Loro Parque is the ‘abusement’ park which keeps Morgan captive.


Leonard Boekee is an artist renowned for his remarkable life-like paintings of wildlife, including orca. He has been a long-standing supporter of the Free Morgan Foundation and offers a % of his profits from the sale of his orca pictures.

Here he has depicted Morgan back in Norway, within the majestic fjords and most touchingly, with members of her family. You can purchase this, or other magnificent artwork of orca here and help Morgan!