Fight for Morgan’s Freedom Will Continue

The Free Morgan Foundation was saddened to hear the verdict from the Judges of the Amsterdam Court today. Despite the fact that Morgan’s right to freedom was clearly outlined by many orca scientists from around the world, the captivity industries duplicitous manner has resulted in this step backwards for Morgan and humanity. Our Expert Board comments on the verdict as the next steps to appeal her freedom will begin today. Morgan has suffered severely at Loro Parque and we will not let this go unnoticed.

“Morgan has become a pawn in a game, where corporate marine park owners remove wild orcas from the ocean, only to be put into servitude as a performer for their monetary gain, and to be used as a breeding machine who will add genetic diversity to help them continue making millions off orcas held in tiny tanks. Morgan should never have been moved to Loro Parque, where she is being abused by the other orcas, giving her no chance of living a natural life in the ocean.”

– Susan Berta, Co-Founder, Orca Network

“The sad part of this is not only that Morgan will not be free … is that we can see how bad humans can be, how ignorant we can be and selfish…. I hope one day people will realize that we all have right to live free in this world…. using orca for entertainment knowing how bad is this for them is the best example of how bad we can be…. I only hope that one day we will not have to be talking about this anymore.”

– Juan Manuel Copello, Principal Researcher, Punta Norte Orca Research Project

“It is so disappointing that after all the scientific evidence put forward to demonstrate that Morgans re-release has every chance of being successful, that this animal has been sentenced to a life of captivity. I do not feel that this decision is in the best interest of the animal, nor that animal welfare considerations have been taken into account, thus I would have to question the motivation behind such a decision.”

– Dr Verné Dove, Cetacean Field Veterinarian, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

“Words cannot express my disappointment at the verdict. It baffles me that as humans we would condemn Morgan to an existence in a tank for the apparent entertainment and monetary value she provides.”

– Sarah Dwyer, Cetacean Researcher, New Zealand

“We are very disappointed in the Dutch courts decision in not allowing Morgan another chance at freedom. It was apparent with the information that was given during testimony in November that Morgan will not live a long and healthy life in her current situation”

– Jeff Foster

“Very sorry to hear that Morgan won’t be allowed to feel her home waters again and will not be able to get away from the stressful, dangerous and dysfunctional captives she’s crammed in with at Loro Parque.”

– Howard Garrett, Co-Founder, Orca Network

“It is extremely unfortunate that after all the strong evidence we presented, and the very weak hearsay the captivity industry presented, that the court still ruled in their favor. This means there is still a lot public education required to really expose how these animals are treated in captivity.”

– Terry Hardie, Co-Founder, Free Morgan Foundation

“Once again greed and ignorance were allowed to succeed. The Dutch authorities failed to correct their initial mistake and declined a wild animal’s right for freedom. Condemning yet another orca to be a slave to human entertainment, sacrificed for human profit. It is a sad day for Morgan, for the Netherlands and for all cetacean lovers across the globe.”

– Stefan Jacobs

“A heart-breaking outcome. Morgan has been condemned to live a short, impoverished life amongst the most dysfunctional group of captive orcas in the world today. All for profit and all for entertainment. A sad day indeed!”

– Rob Lott, Policy Manager, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

““When we return wild animals to nature, we merely return them to what is already theirs. For man cannot give wild animals freedom, they can only take it away.” (Jacques Cousteau) Today is a very sad day for Morgan and other cetaceans in captivity. Despite all the compelling evidence presented, human greed has prevailed once more!”

– Emmanuelle Martinez, Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Whale Foundation Australia

“I’m very saddened to see that the judges did not rectify an enormously wrong decision and I’m in dismay to see that the FMF claims regarding the unlawfulness of the rescuing, keeping captive transfer and prolonged captivity of Morgan have not been granted, regardless of the huge amount of evidence proving that our position is not only scientifically valid but ethically the only way to go. From the beginning on, this case showed the careless and un-thoughtful behaviors of both Ministry and keepers in forcing a wild animal to captivity for the sake of private interests and corporate benefits. Hiding behind “common practice” and “accepted solution” (when referring to orcas captivity) is just a feeble attempt to dodge responsibilities and avoid spending money and time in a proper rehab and release project, as the one suggested in the FMF plan. Unfortunately this behavior and allowing to export Morgan in another country make Morgan’s freedom more and more difficult and force us to start all over again the battle in Spanish court. We still need the people’s support cos the fight for Morgan’s freedom is far from over. A direct appeal to Spanish authorities, CITES, European Court, Parliament and Commissions: stop covering up Loro Parque, stop applying the policy of silence and consensus and just do the right thing: listen to the thousands of voices that scream “Free Morgan”.”

– Lara Pozzato, Co-Founder, Free Morgan Foundation

“What a truly sad day for Morgan. With this verdict we are sure to see her continue to suffer unnecessarily, purely for profit. It makes me sick to think of the short and miserable life she is destined to live in captivity.”

– Carol Ray, Former Orca Trainer

“Morgan’s loss is humanity’s loss, a lesson about our species’ ignorance. She does not deserve to suffer and die in a tank for the profit and pleasure of ignorant people, especially as knowledgeable people are willing and able to give her back her freedom.”

– William Rossiter, President, Cetacean Society International

“It is very disappointing to hear of the courts decision today, for the courts to reject so many eminently qualified opinions in favor of Morgan’s freedom is a travesty of justice.”

– Troy Saville

“This is a very sad day for Morgan, who deserved only a chance to regain a life in the ocean, which she richly deserves. The outcome shows clearly that the business interests of the captive industry outweighed scientific evidence, common sense and humanity. Poor Morgan. Justice also lost today.”

– Paul Spong & Helena Symonds, OrcaLab

“It is sad that Morgan’s stressful circumstances are not recognized and that she is not given the chance for rehabilitation and release in her natural habitat, especially given all newly available data on her native population.”

– Dr. Astrid van Ginneken, Co-Principal Researcher and Consultant, Center for Whale Research

“This is a travesty. It is an outrageous injustice that has been served on Morgan. But this decision only serves as fuel for an engine driving people to stop entertainment parks that abuse animals in order to make money. I will not allow Morgan’s fate to be sealed by this decision. I will seek retribution through the Spanish Court and go after Loro Parque for their cruelty to Morgan. Her behaviour clearly shows that she is unhappy and stressed and this is due to the other orca attacking and harassing her. Morgan will not become invisible because of this decision, rather she will become the poster-child of all that is wrong within the captivity industry.”

– Dr. Ingrid Visser, Orca Researcher and Co-founder, Free Morgan Foundation

“We still, sadly, vastly underestimate the intelligence of animals and their ability to suffer in confinement. We have no right to take away this wild animal’s freedom for the mere purpose of human entertainment.”

– Francoise Wemelsfelder


22 thoughts on “Fight for Morgan’s Freedom Will Continue”

  1. I am sad beyond words. I can’t believe after all the evidence that was put before the court they still condemned Morgan to a life in captivity.

    I hope the fight continues for her. There are just too many people willing to ignore what’s really going on and live in ignorance because they don’t want the face the sad truth.

    You guys did a great job, I’d like to thank you for that and I know Morgan wont be forgotten! I’ll look forward to hearing about where this can go from here.


  2. This is a very sad day for Morgan and all other Orcas in captivity. The only way to help Morgan and her kind is to make it socially unacceptable around the world to visit these parks. We somehow have to persuade children and their parents that it is not fun to see these animals being forced to perform. The attitude of the holiday industry and tourism also needs to change, as without customers all parks will close.
    In the meantime, this campaign must continue. What extra help is needed from your supporters?

  3. I am too, sadden and deeply disappointed with the court decision. Nonetheless thank you for your endless effort. You guys have my support till the end and i will not stop spreading the message .

  4. Sorry to hear the news on Morgan i was gutted yesterday 🙁 Hoping and still praying for her release back to the ocean where her family are still waiting, wont give up never.

  5. I was so sad when I heard of the decision of the Dutch courts.
    So sad that Morgan will have to live her life in this small concrete pond, a spectcle for Human amusement. Poor Morgan. When will Humankind live up to the Kind? Free Morgan!

  6. A sad but not unexpected result. Against all the expert witness statements and Morgan’s obvious suffering, the conclusion must be that there is a good deal of corruption within the captive industry and it has gone as far up as the judges. What is laughable is that this Orca, like all the other cetaceans kept in ‘prisons’ around the world, was stolen from the oceans, yet we are not in a position to steal Morgan from her captives and release her back into the wild. Hope common sense prevails and she is released soon.

  7. Mit welchem Recht entscheiden irgendwelche Personen über die Freiheit
    von Morgan oder einem anderem Lebewesen?
    Freiheit ist ein hohes Gut und steht außer Frage!
    Freiheit für Morgan!!! mehr als ein menschlicher Akt, sondern selbstverständlich.
    Der Mensch ist manchmal unerträglich in seiner Arroganz und Ignoranz.

  8. I am writing for the freedom of Morgan. It is awful for her to remain living in the conditions she does and being hurt by other orca’s this is inhuman and I feel she should be returned where she came from her home she calls the ocean the sea..Captivity, Torture, & Killings must stop! ~ Together We All Can Make A Difference ~ We will not stop fighting for Morgan send her home!

  9. i hate you. free the fucking whale okay. life is too short to live for the money. jackass. all you’ll be is a jackass unless you release her.

  10. Es una trágica historia la de Morgan desde el principio, pretendiendo ayudarla no le hemos hecho ningún favor, estaba herida y libre, ahora está herida y encerrada en un zoológico y condenada para el resto de su vida si no seguimos luchando por su libertad. El ser humano, una vez más no ha sabido anteponer los intereses de este animal a los suyos propios.

  11. This verdict is a shame. What kind of judges were acting? What kind of animal trainers and vetenerian are working at those entertainment parks? I can’t accept the words “Morgan lost”. We’ll go on fighting for her freedom, for animal rights and dignity. You can count on me.
    (I’d like to add a graphic I’ve done especially for Morgan, but this isn’ possible here)

  12. My heartbroken feelings are nothing compared to what Morgan experiences every day for 2,5 years now. The tragedy, the harassement, the fear, the pain, the grieve, the sadness, the loneliness, the miserable life that Morgan is in. Laws were abused and justice lost. The fight for Morgan’s freedom hás to continue. It’s not íf, but it’s whén she will live in hér waters again. Keep on fighting. Once we’ve seen it as it is, we may never close our eyes and walk the other way!!

  13. The distinguishing sign of slavery is to have a price, and to be bought for it. John Ruskin (1819-1900) English art critic

  14. When I heard the news that Morgan lost her case, I was gutted… and shocked.

    I haven’t and never will give up on any captive cetacean that deserves to be free but Morgan was a breathe of fresh air to our battle against the corporations and the greed. She is young and her situation is ever so slightly different to those like Toki/Tilikum. To me, she is a chance to make a change since that of keiko’s. For this reason I believe that Morgan is the voice for all that is wrong with captivity and we should fight and fight until we hear the verdict that says she can go home to her family. We must show no sign of defeat.


  15. If I could, I would haul this Orca out of her prison with my bare hands, carry her on my shoulders to the ocean and set her free then and there. Sadly, this is not how it works.

    Tell me what support you need and I will be there. I cannot believe this decision.

  16. Words cannot explain my disappointment and anger on hearing this news.
    She belongs in the ocean with her family.
    You all did a great job trying to free her, Morgan will never be forgotten.

    Please let us know if there is anything more that we can do to help her.

  17. This is absolutely barbaric!!!
    I am a huge orca fan and research them all the time… Orcas need there families just like humans do and i understand rehabilitation but why take morgan out of the water she lived in? Why not rehabilitate her in her own waters just like what was done to keiko? Its funny how taking orcas out of the water became illegal in so many places but once u throw the word rehabilitation in there all of a sudden its ok? NO UR WRONG, this animal is going to die so much earlier cause of the stress shes in… This is wrong in so many ways and i would love to help outt!! FREE MORGAN & FREE ALL CAPTIVE ORCAS!!

    1. Libérez morgane, ramenez la chez elle c est une jeune femelle essentielle à la population des orques…. ne marchandez pas la nature mais protégez la !! Svp bougeons tous faisons nous entendre c est nous la force

  18. I want to know why we the people can’t take all the donations and just go and get her…she’s as much our whale as theirs….she is community property….NOT THEIRS…..Can we do this? Can we just take her, kidnap her…they did it, why can’t we take her right back????????
    I want them all in jail..Seaworlds CEO would be the first….I would love all the prisoners to beat him daily and let him see how it feels…..that is my dream…what is yours??

  19. Libérez morgane, ramenez la en Norvège c est une jeune femelle essentielle à la population des orques…. ne marchandez pas la nature mais protégez la !!

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