Help Morgan

How You Can Help Morgan

Many people who saw the 1993 Hollywood movie “Free Willy”, which portrayed an orca held in abysmal conditions in a theme park but who was rescued and released back to his family in the wild, were inspired to help whales and dolphins.  Here on Morgan’s website we describe how you can help her, provide links to reputable sources of information so you can become educated and point you in the direction to help change the world for cetaceans.

Donate for Morgan

The Free Morgan Foundation is a non-profit charity which relies on funding from generous supporters in order to pay for Morgan’s lawyer, court fees, as well as other costs. Any money donated will go directly into Morgan’s cause – we thank you in advance for any support you can offer her.


Wear A T-Shirt to spread the word about Morgan

WomensSilverFMF.-ecojoiajpgA t-shirt is a mobile bill-board spreading the word about causes for which you care about.  Ecojoia, a family owned business which supports a range of NGO’s – including the FMF and Morgan’s cause through the production of FMF organic t-shirts.

25% of the purchase goes towards the FMF and our work to help Morgan.

 help-morgan-flyer-02Raise Funds for Morgan

Have a Cake Sale – bake orca themed cakes or cookies! Get Sponsored for a run, walk, or swim. Speak to people about Morgan – you could even dress up as an orca!

help-morgan-letters-01Write Letters for Morgan

Send a letter explaining why you think that Morgan would better suit a life in the wild. You can send all of your questions and show your support for Morgan’s rehabilitation and release plan to a number of influential people. Please keep letters polite and respectful.

If you want to let the Dutch government know what you think about its actions toward Morgan, you should contact Hinderk “Henk” Bleker the State Secretary for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

Loro Parque has a head of research, Javier Almunia
and you can ask him why Morgan is being kept with an adult male who is trying to mate with her. Also, you can ask why Morgan is not free and why they are stopping her, when her family has been found and there is a robust release plan in place.

help-morgan-aawarenessRaise Awareness for Morgan

Not everyone knows who Morgan is or why she should be free. Tell people about Morgan and her cause either face-to-face or via social networking.  There are great websites where you can also sign, create and share petitions in order to spread the word. The possibilities are endless!

Other links that may be of interest:

 help-morgan-keikoPurchase the DVD & Soundtrack of
“Keiko the Untold Story” and Help Morgan

Order a copy of the movie to learn about and share the true story of the real (Free) Willy’s life before and after captivity.

For every Keiko The Untold Story DVD sold from this site, the Free Morgan Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds in order to give financial assist help with Morgan’s plight at the same time educating the public about the truth regarding Keiko’s release.

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help-morgan-orcaTake a Pledge to Make a Difference for Morgan

A pledge is a solemn promise or undertaking (to do or not do) something important. Click on the pledge photos to download and print and show people what you will pledge.


help-morgan-pledge-01 help-morgan-pledge-02

Build a Sand Morgan to Raise Awareness

help-morgan-sandGo to local beach, build a sand-Morgan to raise awareness. Post your photos on our Facebook page!

This photo is of a sand-Morgan, in Tenerife, the town where Loro Parque is. Loro Parque is the ‘abusement’ park which keeps Morgan captive.


Leonard Boekee is an artist renowned for his remarkable life-like paintings of wildlife, including orca. He has been a long-standing supporter of the Free Morgan Foundation and offers a % of his profits from the sale of his orca pictures.

Here he has depicted Morgan back in Norway, within the majestic fjords and most touchingly, with members of her family. You can purchase this, or other magnificent artwork of orca here and help Morgan!