VERDICT POSTPONED until 19 Feb 2014

VERDICT 19 Feb 2014The High Court in Den Haag has informed the Free Morgan Foundation that the verdict for Morgan could now take up to a further six weeks to be released. (The verdict was originally scheduled for release on the 15th of Jan 2014).  Although disappointed, because every day of potential freedom for Morgan is precious, we are confident that the law supports the release of Morgan and look forward to The High Court’s verdict scheduled for Wednesday 19 Feb 2014.  However, each Monday, you can check whether The High Court will release the verdict (on the Wednesday of that week) at

The Free Morgan Foundation thanks you for all your continued support!


11 thoughts on “VERDICT POSTPONED until 19 Feb 2014”

  1. I know you probably won’t post this as it goes against what you are saying, but you have failed to mention that Morgan DOES in fact have a hearing impairment ( As this statement was released two months ago and you are a foundation focused on Morgan, it is your responsibility to accurately report on the news surrounding her. There is no excuse.

  2. the LP vet states that the orca trainers -think- she is deaf, tests proving this have not been done…
    i personally think it’s just another ploy by LP to keep her in their basin [captivity]…

  3. How relevant is hearing when orcas use echolocation? And howdo they test for hearing loss in orcas? Conclusively?

  4. Another comment that might not be published because it goes against
    I have tried to get in touch with the people of the organisation more than once about Morgan’s case to help. I never got any answer.
    I am now doubting how serious this organisation is about really freeing Morgan back into the Ocean.
    I hope you’ll keep us posted on how the hearing is going, and if there is anything (petitions, pressure on the Dutch government we can do to raise public awareness).
    Your response is much appreciated.

  5. But they can’t reply and still keep a perfect image! Of course they won’t :/
    To the others…echolocation involves hearing because it is an ECHO, after all. The whale hears the echo. This is how they find food.
    As for how to perform a hearing test on a cetacean, they are intelligent, so they can be trained to respond if they hear a signal. I don’t know how exactly Loro Parque did it, but it should be possible.

  6. And of course, there’s still no reply…do you realize that this could be lowering our opinions of you guys? It’s professional to reply…so of course they won’t!

    1. Ignorance is bliss…living in a fool’s paradise…come on guys, you’re making me mad.

      1. Your source for Morgan’s hearing problem is LP, really? lol. I understand that they are the only one’s who have access to Morgan, but to rely on a park that’s fighting for her to stay in captivity is not a reliable source, nor is anyone they higher to do the testing. The testing is almost as biased as your own comment.

        And just for giggles :

        I think Morgan will be just fine once she’s set free.

        1. “The research team, composed of experts from the Netherlands Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Study (IMARES), the National Foundation for Marine Mammals of the U.S.A., and also from the Office of Naval Research for the U.S. Armed Forces (U.S. Navy ), studied the hearing of several orca individuals at the park.”
          It wasn’t just LP testing her hearing. It was also federal authorities.

          You think Morgan will be just fine once she’s set free? You can’t change the fact that she has a hearing problem and that that will keep her from being able to properly use echolocation, which is how orcas find food.

          She won’t be just fine if she starves to death.

          Just think about it…she was super thin when she was caught/rescued/whatever. If she can’t hear, that would make sense, ’cause she couldn’t use her echolocation and find food!

          Yeah, your link…”The pod also included a female with a bent dorsal fin like the killer whale in Free Willy”. Haha, funny.

          Actually, I don’t think your link is funny, because that whale with the missing flipper and dorsal was most likely injured by a boat…a whale watching boat, perhaps? And that’s one of the “alternatives” to captivity.

          1. Hearing aside,
            how in Earth could you be for keeping orcas captive in fishbowls?? It’s a human perversion.
            What is wrong with you?

          2. Thanks for the polite comment, Erik. I’ve done my research apart from a certain one-sided documentary…

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