Many newspapers (including online versions) & magazines have run articles about Morgan.  From her capture to her incarceration in the tiny tank at Dolfinarium Harderwijk, her move to Loro Parque and her plight since she has been there, Morgan’s story has been published in a range of languages.  We present just a few of the articles here.


03 June 2016

The Dodo

online-newspaper-dodo-20160603-thumbnailOrca Who Was Once Free Beaches Herself After Performing







06 June 2016

Daily Mail (Australia)

newspaper-daily-mail-20160419-thumbnail‘She looked like she was trying to take her own life’: New calls for SeaWorld killer whale in Tenerife to be released back to the wild after shocked tourists film her beaching herself while she was supposed to be performing tricks.






newspaper-telegraph-20160522-thumbnail22 March 2016

The Telegraph

Campaigners call for release of SeaWorld-owned wild-born killer whale in Tenerife






25 August 2015


newspaper-express-20150815-thumbnailWater park accused of ‘cruelty’ as images emerge of killer whales covered in scars



Free Morgan: Sunday People and Born Free launch appeal to help scarred and wounded captive killer whale