Morgan’s Plight Continues

I’ve just been to visit Morgan and was saddened to see that her life hasn’t improved. Despite us alerting Loro Parque to the issues that we had noted and presented in our evidence to Court on the 1st of November 2012, nothing appears to have changed for Morgan.

I observed her chewing on concrete and her teeth with blue paint on them. She was also still bashing her head against the concrete. She has some sort of a wound above her right eye – the source of which is unclear – but it may be a secondary infection from a rake mark, a growth of some sort or a raw wound from bashing her face on the concrete. The damaged tissue on her lower jaw (termed hypertrophic tissue) is still enlarged and I photographed an open wound on the tip of it.

Additionally, Keto, the adult male is continually shadowing Morgan and harassing her. It is clear that Loro Parque is pushing hard for him to impregnate her. With the verdict for Morgan’s court case to be read tomorrow, we can only hope that Morgan will be given the legal right to be taken out of the ‘abusement park’ Loro Parque.

– Dr Ingrid N. Visser

Wound over Morgan’s eye, from an unknown cause. This image was taken on the 10th of Dec 2012. Photo © Dr Ingrid N. Visser
The tissue damage on the end of Morgan’s jaw has not improved. This image also shows her left lower teeth with the tips worn off and blue paint visible along some of their edges. Photo taken 10th December 2012 by Dr. Ingrid Visser.
Loro Parque claim that Morgan is only 4 years old, yet they keep her with a sexually active male, Keto, who harasses her. Photo taken on the 9th December 2012 by Dr. Ingrid Visser.
Morgan is continually shadowed and harassed by Keto, the adult male. Photo taken on the 10th December 2012 by Dr. Ingrid Visser.
Morgan, on the left is dwarfed in size by the adult male Keto, who is the father of the two calves born at Loro Parque. Photo taken on the 11th December 2012 by Dr. Ingrid Visser.

31 thoughts on “Morgan’s Plight Continues”

  1. Logo Parque should hang their heads in shame over what they are doing to Morgan, let’s face it it’s nothing short of prostitution and I for one hope the court hearing allows her to be removed from that hell hole, and they are supposed to care about their animals!!! what a joke.

  2. i wish should would get released back into the wild. She deserves so much better. What have humans evolved into. This really makes me question everything. LOVE YOU MORGAN AND WILL KEEP YOU IN OUR THOUGHTS

  3. This is outrageous…Morgan is being victimized and tortured by evil human beings forcing her to be a slave to the male, being held against her will as whale violence to impregnate her has gone beyond boundries and limitations. We MUST get this action STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. This is not how GOD’s creatures were intended. FREE HER AT ONCE back to her habitat. THE COURT & JUDGE use your heart as if it were your precious child or pet. This story has gone around the World supporting Morgan’s RELEASE IMMEDIATELY back to the Oceans.

  4. Loro Parque should be ASHAMED of themselves. This is nothing more than sick abuse. When will the human race learn that they do NOT have the right to own and exploit wild animals in this way!? I cannot believe that, at the end of 2012, there are still cetaceans in captivity. Morgan has reminded the world, once again, everything that is wrong with whale captivity. Despite the harsh and unjust ruling of the recent court hearing, I hope that people will continue to fight tooth and nail to release this poor baby. Politics, money and greed have played with another animal’s fate. In what way is this right? Surely she MORE THAN deserves to go home? Keep up the good work, FMF. Let’s send her home.

  5. For a whale to be kept in captivity in this day and age is horrific enough but to be treated so badly with no regards to her well being is absolutely shocking! We do not own these or any animals! Anybody that visits this park to see these whales are just as bad! Please keep up the good fight and let us know how it goes along the way. Amy

  6. I saw the Blackfish Documentary at the cinema in the UK, and I see these pictures, I am getting fed up with the way we treat these beautiful creature.

    I am ashmed to say that when I was a schoolboy we thought they were just dumb animals, looking at them through the plexiglass, the way they just imitated our movements for our unfortunately ignorant and nieve entertainment. I know realise that the orca I saw along time ago was an intelligent and extrodinary creature caged inside a prison cell.

    Please make it plain that Morgan must be set free, it is obvious that the captive environment has contributed to her ill health and that keeping her encarserated is fundementally a criminal act, it is an act of Human cruelty and must stop.

  7. The obviously ill health of this animal demands that she be put into caring hands and a better environment. Animal cruelty should not be stood for in this socially advanced day and age. We must set Morgan free!

  8. Please release Morgan from the insane human interference that she endures each and every day, give her back a life worth living whilst she is still living, God Bless her!

  9. How the judge and court system can ignore the original rehabilitate and release order under which Morgan was taken, is unbelievable!!! A law is a law is a law.
    The judge should be cited for animal cruelty letting her exist in these horrendous, deplorable, and dangerous situations.Are there no animal welfare laws on the books in the Netherlands? If there aren’t now is the time to pass some. We have no right to take these wild mammals out of their environment and then exploit them for our entertainment, and our ability to use them for financial gain. Shame on the court and the judges, we are after all in the 21st. century now; could we please act like it. Just because we can do certain things does mean that we should. Yes we have the ability and the power to take over these mammals lives….but how dare we. I’m ashamed to see people of the human race act this cruel and inhumane, , knowing that i am also part of that race. I hope all humans realize that we also can be the force of change ; be part of the change and show some compassion. PEACE and HUMILITY for all creatures who cannot speak for themselves , we shall speak for them till we are hoarse…….

  10. I just became aware of the situation and I’m deeply touched. I don’t know much about whales and dolphins but I have the upmost respect for life and freedom. Situations like these are incomprehensible. I want to know what I can do to help?

  11. Deplorable, horrible, unjust. Like most, I wish there was something I could do for her, for Lolita, for Tilikum, Corky & the others immediately. Every site I see, everyone agrees about the horrendous conditions for these magnificent creatures…but we need a united front, I don’t know how that happens, but I see scant signatures here & there…if they were all compiled I’m sure there would be millions~! It takes a village! Lets fix this!

    1. I totally agree I can not put in words how much we need to free Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This upsets me so much why can’t they just free her. Well done for the effort you guys are putting in to free her DON’T GIVE UP!!

  13. All the cetaceans in all the parks should be rehabilitated and released. These parks have made a fortune from their daily torment and sheer misery and abuse. They should all be accountable for their cruelty and complete disregard for all of the animals they have abused over the years. I too watched Blackfish and I’m shocked but enlightened to see what is actually going on inside these parks. Its barbaric. I urge everyone watch this documentary. It’s heart breaking but needs to be seen and supported.

  14. As a parent there is no way that i would want to raise my kids showing them Orcas swimming around in a fish bowl. They would accept this as being normal Orca lifestyle which is barbaric&cruel. As teachers to our children we need to show them that the right thing is for these highly intelligent creatures to be seen&appreciated in their own environment. Its only through observing them in their own family units&environment that we will truly learn about them. I am ashamed that us humans have taken advantage of these creatures to make money. They destroy the Orcas life as soon as they remove them from the wild. These people are ill educated&have no knowledge about the Orcas they advertise. It all needs to stop.

  15. I have been shocked at what is happening to Morgan the whale. She
    deserves to be released back to her family before it is too late. Please keep fighting for her . She has suffered enough at the hands of her so called care takers, it is clear that she is distressed. Thank you for making the movie “Black Fish” it opened my eyes to the plight of captive whales, SHAME ON Them!

  16. Morgan, I love you and I hope that you don’t die in Loro Page
    I want to see you in the sea and not in a park!!!!!!!!!

  17. As an older lady i am saddened to say it has only just hit me regarding the plight of Morgan and other Orcas kept in captivity. We are so blasé about our supposed superiority in life’s chain.I feel ashamed and will spread the word to friends and family regarding the plight specifically asking that people do not visit these shows lets try and dry the money source up !!

  18. How can an orca in the wild be rescued by putting it in a prison? The definition of rescue is you get the victim out of a dangerous or unacceptable situation. Obviously imprisonment & enslavement are not rescue. The definition of ‘rescue’ has been reversed & corrupted.
    Keto would not behave this way in the wild. Keto’s behaviour has been corrupted by this unhealthy prison environment.

  19. this is absolutley disgusting to see such a inteligent creature taken out of her natural home in the promise of return she was taken from her familly to help her ill health and to see how such love is shown for there own in the killer whale pods its nothing less then what some sex beasts josef fritzl get life for please donate all you can for this cause not only is she guna be missing her familly but her familly are going to be missing her any 1 who goes over there to pay for viewing of these mammals are paying towards the the crazy profits that keep these animals locked up in captivity its slavery and tortore please ppl spread the love

  20. Growing up I thought it would be cool to see a whale or dolphin in person, I thought the sea world type parks were doing a great service for these beautiful creatures…… Now as an educated adult I see how misled I was! These extremely large creatures are just too big to be kept in such confined spaces that’s why they are born into the ocean in the first place!

    These companies and owners that put them in such small spaces work them to death and pay them with some fish have a sick sense of entertainment, it would be like people who foster orphaned children opening up an amusement park making those kids perform non stop, putting them in dangerous environments and paying them with little food! That would be considered inhumane but it’s ok to do it to animal just because they can’t talk!!!! I’m saddened that the human race has allowed this to be glorified as a form of entertainment! I hope that Morgan can be free someday to live out her life free as a bird soaring through the waters beneath the ocean blue!!! Godspeed Morgan!

  21. I became aware recently of the situation. It saddens me that these corporations only see these orcas as $$$ and not living, breathing mammals. These beautiful creatures belong in the open ocean as they were intended to live. I will spread the word now being aware and hope that it makes a difference. FREE MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  22. I feel very sad with all the videos I have been watching, not only of Morgan byt the killer whales @ SeaWorld.
    Growing up in San Diego, my sister and I would visit SeaWorld mnay times during the summers as kids, it was fun. And 3 weeks ago we took my nephew, which he enjoyed it as well, but I am saddened 🙁 I feel bad that I spent money @ the park which I know see as cruel punishment for the animals.
    I hope and pray that something will be done.
    #FreeMorgan #FreeKillerWhales

  23. Here in England we as a nation decided this treatment of whales and dolphins was inhumane

  24. Please release Morgan immediately. It is cruel to imprison her . She is a huge & beautiful creature that deserves to have space in the oceans to be free. I agree with so many of these comments “How did we as humans ever get to decide that we have the right to imprison animals for our enjoyment”. We don’t! My dream is that all wild animals are allowed to be free. I wish there would be no more Seaworlds & Zoos.

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