Dr. Visser Says Park Suing Her Over Report Submitted in Court

Digital Journal’s Elizabeth Batt has released a story detailing how Loro Parque’s lawyers are threatening Dr Visser. The case revolves around the evidence Dr Visser has presented, about Morgan. In an attempt to intimidate her and to try and prevent her from presenting her evidence in Court on the 1st of November just past, Dr Visser explains how the threats only fueled the fire to help Morgan. Read the full story.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Visser Says Park Suing Her Over Report Submitted in Court”

  1. see http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/338491
    near the end of the article… see Wolfgang Kiessling, owner loro parque [the one picking his nose in the photo] and Brad Andrews, Chief Zoological Officer for SEAWORLD [!!!] Parks & Entertainment [= USA – that have orca Tilikum!!!]
    my impression is that they look like a couple of [stomach churning fat cat “godfather” type] mobsters who know “only money talks” !!!
    if there’s such a thing as reincarnation, i hope these two come back as fish food… or maybe we wont have to wait till then… Tili?
    in any case, let’s hope karma will catch up with them soon… preferably sooner than later…

  2. okay… admittedly I was a little harsh… hoping rather sooner than later that Wolfgang Kiessling and Brad Andrews join Tilikum in his concrete bathtub… my EB [Emotional Balance] fueled by the sense of helplessness, frustration and anger got the better of me…
    so, let me put it this way: in an article published on 20th March 2011 under the heading “News from Loro Parque, Tenerife” on Versele-Laga’s site [Versele-Laga Premium Petfood], the third paragraph ends with the following statement:
    “… . The Loro Parque Fundación widely supports field conservation measures and is strongly committed to the preservation of endangered species.”
    I understand this to entail undertaking preventive measures to and thus ensure wild animals that are on the brink of extinction, from becoming just that – Extinct – in their Natural Habitat; i.e. in the case of Orca by doing their utmost to protect said habitats – Not by keeping endangered Orca to perform circus tricks for a paying audience.
    If this is the case, that Loro Parque [LPF] widely supports field conservation measures and is strongly committed to the preservation of endangered species, then why aren’t they/haven’t they put the wheels into motion to achieve this goal where Morgan is concerned?
    From the onset, PLF [and Seaworld] knew Morgan was intended for freedom once she had achieved full recovery!?!
    And then there’s Dolphinarium Harderwijk NL.
    What kind of offer and by whom was it made, that they couldn’t refuse… ?
    What was that sudden 360 degree turnaround decision regarding Morgans’ future?
    Not the one of freedom as initially intended but fly her off to float out her days at LPF Tenerife?
    Anyone with half a brain can conclude that there is something very, very wrong with this picture!
    article: http://www.versele-laga.com/Nutri/Nutrition/Library/Versele-Laga/Documents/HtmBib/PGH/LorParNws3-1103.jsp

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