20131117-Morgan's teeth & jaws -crop
 Photographs taken by Dr Visser on the 17th of November 2013, clearly show that Morgan has continued to suffer whilst being ‘cared’ for at Loro Parque. Her front teeth are worn down to the gums, others have had more than a third worn off and yet at least one other is broken. Not shown in the photo is a tooth on her right jaw which is nearly worn to the pulp and which may very well have to be drilled out. If not, she may get a tooth infection, which could cause sepsis and death. The photo here also clearly shows the extreme damage she has inflicted on herself from continually banging against the tank walls. This is termed ‘hypertrophic tissue damage’ and is often itchy as well as sore. Furthermore, Morgan has banged her head against the tank so often that she has worn away the skin and exposed raw flesh. Yet, Loro Parque and the owner claim that Morgan is ‘doing fine and is in good health’. They also claim that Dr Visser manipulates data. You decide what you want to believe.


    1. What has come of the court appeal on Dec 3, 2012?

      No one wants her held in captivity except those who will make money off her
      Free Morgan!

  1. Do any of the people who work at Loro Parque have a PhD? I doubt it but of course, it’s Ingrid who is crazy… riiiight….

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