gavelMorgan’s next hearing will be at the High Court in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands on the Tuesday 3rd of December 2013 at 10:45 am.

LOCATION:  Council of State (Raad van State) of the Netherlands, Chamber Unit A3, Kneuterdijk 22, 2514 EN Den Haag, Netherlands (note this is NOT the same court as last year).

We will be posting an “event” on Morgan’s Facebook page for those of you who wish to join us at the Courthouse.

The current schedule is for the lawyers from both sides to have 5 minutes to present their case, then the Judges can ask them (and the expert witnesses) questions.  We are unsure how long this may continue for, but anticipate that it may be a few hours of questions, if the previous hearings have been anything to go by.


14 thoughts on “3 Dec 2013 – MORGAN’s NEXT COURT HEARING (APPEAL)”

  1. please set Morgon free, please Plesase let him heal away from bleach and cloirne and other animal in small containers an people who can can keep hurting this animal please let GOD take him back where he put him please

  2. Let Morgan go free!! She should have been nursed back to health and then returned to her family, just like Springer the Orca! Not placed in some stupid tank for money grubbing business men to place her on a stage for entertainment purposes! Let her go free!!

  3. Please set this poor treated animal free, i beg you to do anything possible in your will to stop those assholes from Seaworld to stay with her, please send me an email i want to help pleaaase!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Please Set Morgan FREE !!! .. it should never have got to this stage, she should have been released once she was better, from Holland. An independent person should assess her, not someone with interests in Loro Parque. 🙁

  5. It is high time man stopped exploiting other species for money. Suffering and pain, however well disguised, are part of this poor animal’s daily routine! Heartbreaking! Please please do the right thing and #FreeMorgan!!!!!

  6. Please release her back where she belongs, do the right thing by this beautiful creature… how do you want history to be told?
    Free Morgan Please…………….

  7. Please free Morgan, she has more than the right to be with her family, her kind of life, her way of living and not our way. We can gain alot more by seeing her swim free in the ocean where she belongs. It cannot be that she has to stay the rest of her life in a concrete tank. Please, please set her free. Let us show the world that we care for these poor animals who are all stuck in tanks. Thankyou!

  8. Any news about the ruling of the court in Den Haag?
    Any millionaire with good intentions willing to “buy” Morgan from Loro Parque and set her finally free in the Ocean?

    Meanwhile the governments, EU and USA alike should ban keeping these creatures captive.

  9. Please!!! Do The right think and give her freedom back! Is not fair to keep Morgan in pool She is wild animal who deserve to sweam in The ocean…where She belongs! I really hope not everybody is just thinking about The money and is somewhere there people who think with them hart. PLEASE give her The chance to go back to wild. She still jong is not to late but it need to happend NOW!!!! Pleaaaaaasssseeeee let her free!!!!!

  10. Ive just seen a program this morning on UK tv about the work that Ingrid Visserand does for the Orcas and was moved to tears on several occasions I have spent a fare amount of my life in the water ( surfing ) and Have seen these magnificent Orcas in their own back yard all over the world.
    and I am constantly humbled by the efforts of some people to put things right that others mess up and keeping Morgan locked up like this is one Monumental injustice by mankind .
    its about time we woke up and put things right for Gods sake let her go

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